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  • Marker Memories, the Ear Spiral

  • Classic Film Reviews: Sudden Fear (1952)

    Originally posted on Anybody Got A Match?:
    source: RKO Pictures Poor Joan Crawford, she can never seem to catch a break. She meets a handsome younger man and they get married. All is going well until he plots to murder you and then run away with your fortune with his younger, more daring blonde girlfriend.…


  • Late Nights, Early Flights, Green Tea, and Lisa Carol Fremont

    Originally posted on Anybody Got A Match?:
    esource: Paramount Pictures I adore TCM. Thanks to Ted Turner‘s genius, thousands of tasty morsels from the wonderful world of classic cinema are merely a couple of remote clicks away. Despite the abundance of good that TCM provides to the starving film fan, there is a downside to having only a handful…

  • Making the long short list for greatest movie posters of all time

    28. Vertigo (1958) Although it might now be seen as a predictable addition to a film student’s first flat, there’s a reason why it’s become the most iconic Hitchcock poster out there. It’s really really cool. It’s the second Saul Bass designed poster on the list, after Anatomy of a Murder, and typifies why he […]

  • Year of the Rat

    Year of the Rat — Read on This is a must-read. I am snowmobile kinescope grey with envy and look forward to seeing this soon.

  • Getting Vertigo’s GOAT

    Vertigo is fast approaching the end of its first ten year reign as the GOAT ofmovies (so dubbed by the Sight and Sound poll, taken every decade).The news a decade ago was the Hitchcock’s Vertigo knocked Citizen Kane out of the San Simeon-esque palace of GOATs. The quick rise of the film from not even […]

  • Site updates

    In addition to the occasional timely and Vertigo news item lede blog post, I’ve been upgrading additional pages to the site. Feel free to click around to the various new pages of art work, some of which are linked to the appropriate scenes from the film. I’ve also updated my mug shot on the author’s […]

  • Castle of blood requires transfusion…or else!

    Castle of blood requires transfusion…or else! The life of Vertigo has taught us just how important a restoration can be to the future and to the public appreciation of a film. If you are a fan of Mario Brava and his dark directing denizen Antonio Margheriti then you will want to throw a euro, franc or lira this way..l

  • Belfast bel-free

    Belfast bel-free

    Another from Letterboxd. This one fresh off the press. Belfast Belfast is Kenneth Branagh’s best film to date. That is one hell of a statement for a filmography that includes Henry V, Hamlet, and two damn good Agatha Christie films (and if you don’t think that’s challenging, start digging through the pile of Christie cinematic […]

  • Bats in the belfry

    Bats in the belfry

    Time to put WordPress through it’s paces, or go to the mattresses or…before I yell action… Some rehearsal. I’m a fan of the app and website Letterboxd. It’s a great site to be a total film fan or film geek. Or just look for something to watch with a variety of recommendations for an infinite […]